Within our small but mighty organization, Sean is proud to work with an amazing team to share expertise with businesses and create meaningful opportunities for neurodivergent job seekers. He has end-to-end experience in managing relationships with both global businesses and local organizations, planning and implementing inclusive hiring programs, and developing research-and-advocate-based workplace readiness curricula. Sean is also adept at leading and educating groups, including workshops on inclusive best practices with managers and HR professionals, and public speaking panelist participation and presentations to large and diverse audiences.

One of Neurodiversity in the Workplace's earliest team members, Sean remains dedicated to empowering employers, service providers, academic institutions, and job seekers to harmoniously pursue an informed, empathetic, and effective culture of diverse inclusion.

Sean can often be found drumming on his desk at work, or on his drums with his band. An incessant tapper and fidgeter, Sean plays several different instruments and loves spending his free time making music in a variety of formats and settings.

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