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Expand neurodiversity inclusion at your organization with our support.

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"We've seen tremendous talent come in through this program."

- Lou Candiello
Senior Manager of Diversity Talent Acquisition
Dell Technologies

Expand neurodiversity inclusion at your organization with our support

The results speak for themselves.

Our hiring programs have delivered a 94% retention rate. And our employer partners consistently report a range of benefits, from increase in efficiency and innovation, to improved morale and employee engagement.

Together, we can create a neurodiversity hiring program, and/or consult with you on neurodiverse inclusion practices.

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making the business case for neurodiversity

Teams that include both neurodivergent and neurotypical colleagues have the ability to look at problems from different angles, leverage the unique and more widely varied strengths of team members, and envision new possibilities.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace partners report a 94% retention rate over five years for those hired through our programs

Cognitively diverse teams have been shown to solve problems faster (source: Harvard Business Review)

Diverse organizations, and those that value cognitive diversity in particular, are better at attracting Millennial and Gen Z talent—the latter now outnumbering all other generations in the workforce. (source: Deloitte - PDF - and Monster survey)

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Compared to industry peers, companies with the most inclusive and accessible work environments achieved the following:

28% higher revenue | 30% greater economic profit margins | 2 times net income

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