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"NITW understands the importance of building bridges between colleges and employers."

- Lee
College Autism Network

Together, we can change employment outcomes for neurodivergent college students and job seekers.

We offer a variety of consulting services across campus, including disability services, autism support programs, and more.

Our customizable consulting options increase knowledge and acceptance, ensuring that neurodivergent students can access specialized career support and opportunities.

Building a bridge for extraordinary potential

College Consulting Services

Training for Faculty & Staff |  Job Development Cuuriculum | Student Pipeline | Outgoing ConsultingTraining for Faculty & Staff |  Job Development Cuuriculum | Student Pipeline | Outgoing Consulting


Connect with us to discuss how our consulting options can benefit your college.


let's create equitable opportunities

Despite successfully navigating campus life and rigorous academics, neurodivergent graduates are consistently left behind, struggling to get a foothold in the workplace.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace™ strives to bridge this gap by working with college professionals and neurodivergent students before the job search begins.

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