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“We are all trying to make the industries we work in better, so it is always great to have multiple ways of thinking on a project.”

- Anonymous Employee

We exist to ensure your success.

Recognizing the bias against neurodivergent job seekers, and the immense talent that often goes untapped, we partner with inclusive employers like Dell Technologies, Bank of America, and SAP to launch neurodiversity hiring programs.

94% of those hired through our programs are still thriving in their roles--a much higher rate of success than average.

Join our neurodivergent talent pool, and you’ll hear from us about job opportunities, within one of our hiring programs, matching your skills and interests.

How we're Different

Our partnership process

Candidate Path: 1 Initial Screening | 2: Professional Development | 3: Hiring Event | 4: Hiring Decisions

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decode the hiring process

Our hiring programs typically cut out the standard interview altogether, replacing it with a technical project designed to let you showcase your actual job skills. After all, chit chat isn’t a good way to evaluate candidates.

Throughout our programs, career consulting is available as needed for those who are hired. Additionally, we work to develop an accepting and understanding culture within each of our partner companies to ensure a productive neurodiverse environment.

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