Kyle's commitment to service, lifelong learning, and advocacy is reflected in a career arc that bridges several professional sectors. Dedicated to access, equity, innovation, and collaboration, Kyle assists our talented team in building and sustaining communities of practice that support neurodivergent job seekers in the Greater Boston/New England area.

As the lead of Neurodiversity in the Workplace's Greater Boston Hub, Kyle facilitates connections across our network and supports regional partnerships that value neurodiversity.

Kyle is a doctoral subject-matter expert in rhetoric/composition, curriculum and assessment design, discourse analysis, and institutional/organizational values. She has worked in consulting and research capacities with executive clients and stakeholders in multiple fields/industries, including: health/human services, data and social sciences, humanities, higher education, EdTech, and transportation. She has developed programs and managed projects in collaboration with several colleges/universities, corporations, and nonprofit organizations in the United States. An award-winning university instructor (7+ years), Kyle brings an adaptive interpersonal approach to her role and values the diverse experiences and perspectives of community members in NITW's growing network.

Off the clock, Kyle enjoys writing poems, worldbuilding as an aspiring novelist, attempting to do yoga and pilates, and experimenting with different approaches to tackling her laundry.

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