Leading the way for Neurodiversity in the Workplace, Joe cultivates partnerships with businesses across the United States and the globe aimed at diversifying their workforces through the inclusion of autistic and other neurodivergent talents. He has maintained and built long-term consulting relationships with companies such as SAP, EY, Dell, Bank of America, Thermo Fisher, VMware, Lincoln Financial Group, and many more.

Joe has guided the NITW team in designing and implementing hiring programs for neurodivergent individuals for more than four years. His work has allowed the creation of a network of employers and talented individuals with autism. In cultivating this network Joe aims to demonstrate to the American workforce that neurodivergent talent is valuable, productive, and an imperative.

Utilizing his B.S. in Psychology and Master's Degree in Public Health (MPH) from George Washington University, his eight years working with neurodivergent individuals, and experience in the corporate world, Joseph continues to advocate for systems change that will make neurodiversity an integral part of the workforce.

In his off-hours, Joe enjoys going for a nice run around Philadelphia, attempting home improvement projects, and cooking fancy dumplings.

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