Bridget's professional career reflects her passion for advancing inclusivity on both the individual and society levels. Prior to joining the Neurodiversity in the Workplace team, Bridget provided case management and psychotherapy to adolescents and adults in educational and non-profit settings. Her experience working with autistic college students has led to a strong interest in supporting neurodivergent college students with career exploration and development.

As a Licensed Social Worker, Bridget's clinical background enables her to form strong, empathetic relationships with candidates, colleges, and employers. She has received training in various evidence-based practices and utilizes a therapeutic, strengths-based approach in her work. Bridget is passionate about supporting mental well-being in the workplace and addressing the need for quality mental health services for neurodivergent adults. Bridget believes that individual relationships and successes are intrinsically connected to large-scale social change, and she strives to create systems that value all perspectives and ways of being.

Bridget's hobbies include completing countless jigsaw puzzles, daydreaming about used bookstores, creating handmade holiday cards, and trying (and often failing) to practice mindfulness.

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